Android pos

You’re already familiar with the ease of using your Android device. Did you know that your phone or tablet is an ideal tool for taking orders? And you can also use it to track the day-to-day business of your venture from anywhere. This is why Nuvopos created an Android pos app.

For whom

Many places have a terrace or large halls, and want to work as efficiently as possible. You want to be able to make a sale from anywhere, without going back and forth carrying notes everywhere. You’d also rather not invest in expensive traditional handhelds. Nuvopos has the solution.

Our offer

The Nuvopos app is a Point-of-Sale software solution which makes full use of the advantages of your Android devices. The benefits for you are:

1. Value for money

An Android device is much less expensive than a traditional handheld order-taking device.

2. Functionality

Every function of a traditional Point-of-Sale system is available on your device.

3. User-Friendly

Try the free demo and see how intuitive Nuvopos feels on your preferred Android device. New employees can learn and use the pos system in minutes.

4. Speed

The Android Point-of-Sale app is lightning fast, and responds instantly to your commands. Bar and kitchen tickets are printed in split-seconds. You can work more smoothly than ever before. And spent more time with your quests.

5. Compatibility

Nuvopos works with a large range of devices. You will have fully supported on smartphones and tablets of Samsung, HTC, Sony, Lg, Google Phone and Motorola.

Service and contract

Nuvopos support is open 7 days a week (online or by phone). We don’t believe in lengthy contracts (but we do believe in long relationships): For this Nuvopos has quarterly and yearly subscriptions available.

Curious if the Android pos system is right for you? Please feel free to contact us.

Many hospitality entrepreneurs are already experiencing the benefits of Nuvopos. Read their reactions on the customers pages.

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