iPad Pos system for hospitailty

The iPad is world famous for its ease of use. Its reliability and simple use makes it ideal for business applications. This is why Nuvopos developed an app that allows you to use your iPad as a fully featured pos (point-of-sale) system.

For whom

Whether you own a restaurant, bar, cafe, food-truck or coffee shop, Nuvopos offers you the ideal iPad pos system.
Many places don’t have a lot of room for a traditional point of sale sytem. Adding multiple points of sale can be a costly endeavour. Nuvopos has the solution to easily expanding your hospitality business without big investments.

Our offer

The Nuvopos app is a Point-of-Sale solution which makes full use of the advantages of iPads, such as:

1. Value for money

An iPad pos app is less expensive than a traditional point of sale application.

2. Functionality

Every function of a traditional point-of-sale system is available on your iPad.

3. User-Friendly

Try the demo and see how intuitive Nuvopos feels. New employees can learn and use the app in minutes.

4. Speed

The point-of-sale app is lightning fast, and responds instantly to your commands. You can work more smoothly than ever before and spent more time with your quests.

5. Compatibility

Nuvopos works with PC, Mac, phones and tablets and allows for easy cooperation between each device. For mobile use Nuvopos also supports other IOS devices like the iPhone and iPod.

Service and contract for iPad pos

Nuvopos support is open 7 days a week (online or by phone). We don’t believe in lengthy contracts (but we do believe in long relationships): Nuvopos has quarterly and yearly subscriptions available.

Curious if the Nuvopos iPad pos (point-of-sale) app is right for you? Feel free to contact us.

Many entrepeneurs are already experiencing the benefits of Nuvopos. Read their reactions on the customer page.

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