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Klantervaring van het bedrijf Horeca Tip.

In addition to organizing horeca events, Horeca-Tip provides training for catering staff.
By Jorn-Jan Setz, partner of Horeca-Tip.

During our yearly equestrian festival sometimes over 750 guests order a meal in a short time. Some of them even enjoy a four-course dinner.

I found Nuvopos through the Internet. I practically know every POS-system, but they do not comply with my requirements. For example I only need the system for a couple of weeks every year. Fortunately with Nuvopos everything is organized perfectly. They take care of the printers, a web server, and everything I need. They listen to me very well and understand my needs. It is a very pleasant cooperation.

Nuvopos is very flexible. Some of the tables has been paid for and these guests shouldn`t get an invoice, while guests at other tables should. All such elements are easily to be defined in advance. And even for the slightest problem the NUVOPOS company can be reached almost 24/7. They understand my business and immediately solve my problem on-line.
My staff understood the interface almost immediately. They are forced to make a choice between several options. If, for instance a guest orders a steak, my staff should ask whether he or she prefers it to be cooked rare, medium or well-done. If they don`t choose, the order can`t be placed. Thanks to Nuvopos my guests are being served very quickly and have their drinks within a few minutes.

This is the quality I was looking for and I have decided to continue working with Nuvopos. I even consider buying the complete system to have a ready-for-use system I can work with at other events. With this approach I work more effectively and have maximum control and oversight. That is very important to me. If one day we sell some 30 club sandwiches between noon and 2 pm NUVOPOS enables me to anticipate to this the next day.
One of he most important effects of the use of Nuvopos is that it keeps my staff from staring at their iPads. They pay attention to our guests instead!

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