Het Concerthuis – Groningen


By Jesse Pruis, owner of the contemporary and modern grand-café Het Concert Huis in Groningen.

During our Sunday brunch it can be very busy, with over two hundred guests between 11 am and 2 pm. The pressure on our staff is high and we can`t afford any mistakes. These are the moments that Nuvopos makes the difference and appears to be the best pos-solution.

Previously we depended on expensive POS-systems and long-term contracts. Just the hardware cost us almost euro 3,000! Moreover we had to pay for every software update. That is an outmoded way of working. With Nuvopos I have the freedom to choose what I need. The system always works, with every pc, smartphone or tablet.

We switched to Nuvopos in 2011. Everything was arranged within a few days and it cost less than euro 1,000. And this price included five handhelds. For my employees starting to work with Nuvopos was a piece of cake. It took them about half an hour to find out about all ins and outs. The system works like the Intenet works, it`s logical!

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