Pos software for restaurants

Your restaurant is unique. Not a day is the same as the next. Therefore pos software for restaurants should be flexible, mobile and trouble free. Nuvopos is that pos software solution for restaurants: safe, stable, flexible and always adaptable to your needs.

What a restaurant owner wants

From the start we’ve always been in close contact with the owners of different kinds of restaurants. That's why we know what restaurant owners want and need: freedom, safety and flexibility at a low cost. Nuvopos is the pos software solution that is based upon a modern and great app for today and all days to come.

Key benefits

1. Installation & technique

The Nuvopos application can be operated on all your existing hardware like PC's, tablets and smartphones. You're not depending on the internet, because Nuvopos runs on your local loop. For tablets and smartphones we support the following operating systems: IOS, Android, Windows Phone and FireFox OS.

2. Freedom

The Nuvopos architecture offers you great freedom. You van organise and arrange the Nuvopos software exactly the way that suits your restaurant business best. This will result in a solution that fits like a tailor made suit.

A few examples:

  • Number of couverts and/or guests
  • Remarks concerning a product
  • Intake of orders at table position (serving the right guest)
  • Discounts (amount, percentage or product)
  • Composed products
  • Different pricings per table

And advanced printer settings:

  • Different printer locations (e.g. restaurant, terrace, first floor, etc.)
  • Printing at different printers at the same time
  • Change a printing (e.g. a starter for a main course)
  • Set printing order of products for both bar and kitchen

3. Service & contract

Nuvopos users can count on our support seven days a week by phone and e-mail. Contracts run for only a quarter or a year. And if you wish to continue using Nuvopos after your contract period, we prolongate your contract only for the same period.


Are you curious whether Nuvopos might be the right pos software for restaurants? Just give us a call or write an e-mail! A lot of your colleagues are very happy with Nuvopos already. Read about their opinion on this website.

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