(POS) point of sale system for small-,
midsized- and big hospitality companies

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Because we know your company is unique and not a single day is like the others. Nuvopos is the flexible system that moves along without problems. Nuvopos is reliable, stable and flexible. It will safely adjust to the needs of your company.

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We make it easy

  1. Low fixed costs (starting at 49,- euro p/m)
  2. Easy expandable
  3. Internet access not needed
  4. You can start right away
  5. No investments needed: Nuvopos works on all PCs,
    smartphones and tablets

Freedom to do busines

The Nuvopos POS-system is affordable, flexible and easy to use. All your existing hardware can be used and you collate Nuvopos the way that suites your business the best. And one very important detail: with Nuvopos you don't get stuck with long-term contracte. You just pay for the use of Nuvopos every quarter or yearly. That also is Nuvopos' freedom to do business!

How it works

POS-app works on

  • Windows
    Windows XP and higher
    Windows Phone 8 and higher
  • Apple
    Apple iOS 6 and higher
  • Android
    Android 4.2 and higher

Works local

A reliable POS system that operates under the most extreme conditions. For everyday use, no internet connection is required. The system works locally, which gives you peace of mind.

Online reports

With the online report tool you can follow the ins and outs of your business. Reports are available on any phone or other device. Besides, you have an insight into the number of tables in use.

What customers say

Zo’n handheld kostte me vroeger snel duizend euro, dan heb ik het nog niet over reparaties. Bij Nuvopos werk ik met zes iPod touch apparaten voor nog geen tweehonderd euro.

Hans van Leusden
Restaurant - Bij Kobus

We zijn zeven maanden per jaar open, maar dan kan het ook erg druk zijn. Soms komen er dan vierhonderd man per dag eten en lopen we met dertig man personeel rond.

Manager Thijs van Rhijn
Beach club - Strandpaviljoen Willy Zuid

Tijdens de zondagmiddagbrunch bedienen we ruim tweehonderd mensen tussen 11 en 2 uur. Dan is de druk hoog en mag er niks misgaan. Juist dan blijkt dat Nuvopos voor ons de perfecte oplossing is.

Jesse Pruis
Grand café - Het Concerthuis